Gov. Newsom Ratifies 23 Gun Control Bills

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) inked a staggering 23 gun control bills on Tuesday. California conservatives may be in mourning as the state takes a giant leap further to the left.

Among the 23 bills, three of them are likely to leave a stain on the state’s history and worry citizens more than the rest.

The first — SB 2 — serves to decimate individual rights to self-defense. To add insult to injury, business owners will have to openly convey that customers can concealed carry on their property. If they don’t, the state may automatically interpret doing so as a violation of the law.

Not only will Californians have a harder time obtaining a concealed carry permit now, but they will be restricted in where they can take their registered firearms. Daycare facilities, schools, parks, playgrounds, voting booths, bars, college campuses, government buildings and public transportation are just a handful of the places that are off-limits.

SB2 essentially ensures a small minority of people will make it through the new rigorous screening process to even obtain a permit.

Measures that disqualify someone are not limited to character references and criminal history. The law opens the door to considering publicly available information on an applicant, as well as content on their social media pages.

The second bill of major concern — AB 28 — adds an 11% excise tax to all firearm and ammunition sales. Yes, that’s in addition to the current federal excise tax of 10-11%. By default, the price of guns and bullets is expected to ratchet up across the nation.

The bill clearly laid out appropriations for the initial $125 million collected from the new tax burden. It is slated to benefit programs to bolster public school and college campus safety efforts. But what about after that chunk of change is spent?

The third gun control bill lighting hair on fire in California this week is SB452. This new law will require “microstamping on handgun cartridges to help trace guns used in crimes.”

Back in 2007, California passed AB1471 with similar intentions, but many claimed the law came before its time. With objections that the technology necessary to microstamp such firearms effectively still isn’t available today, it remains to be seen how well it will be enforced.

Newsom preached confidence that the ever-mounting stack of gun control measures he is supporting will serve to make California a safer place to live. But is that true?

While California takes the top spot for gun control in the U.S., it also holds the top spot for mass shootings in the nation.

The Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners Foundation have already filed a lawsuit contesting specific measures of SB2. More lawsuits are expected.