Gov. Youngkin Targets State Gas Tax to Ease Inflation for Virginians

Inflation is at a 40-year high across the nation due to endless spending by both parties in Washington. Americans are feeling the impact at both the pump and at the grocery store. With gas at an all-time high Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is trying to act for his constituents to ease the pain.

Governor Youngkin is urging the Virginia State Legislature to impose a three-month gas tax holiday. The move could save Virginians up to 26 cents a gallon at the pump. State Democrats have rejected the proposal favoring instead sending a $100 debit card to each household to defray the costs. The two approaches could not more starkly define the differing philosophies of the two parties.

Youngkin’s proposal is clearly in alignment with his campaign promises of lowering taxes to make Virginia a more hospitable environment for businesses. The democrats in the legislature favor a direct stipend, which some would argue is simple future pacing for universal basic income.

The two sides appear to be at loggerheads regarding which approach to take. Given the razor-thin margins in the state house of delegates and the state senate, a defection by a single representative could tip the scales one way or the other.

Virginia democrats may have more on their minds than trying to figure out the best method to help their constituents. Governor Youngkin and his administration have been on a roll. With victories regarding school choice and abolishing mandatory Covid precautions, Youngkin has seen his popularity surge in the state and nationally. There has even been whispers of a possible 2024 presidential run. Such a move would meet stiff resistance from the Trump and DeSantis camps in the party, but the fact that the previously unknown politician is even being mentioned for a presidential run tells you volumes.

The democrats know that they are going to get steamrolled nationally in the midterms and are trying to avoid the same result on the state level. Regardless of if he wins the gas tax fight or not, Gov. Youngkin is making that job exceedingly difficult for state democrats and he has all the momentum.