Graduate Student Relieved Of Teaching Duties After Threatening Republican

Given the glaring leftist bias on display across many U.S. college campuses, it often takes a particularly egregious act to result in the termination of a professor’s employment at such an institution.

Earlier this year, Hunter College professor Shellyne Rodriguez was fired after knocking down a pro-life group’s display on campus in a profanity-filled act of aggression and then allegedly pulling a machete out when a New York Post reporter arrived at her apartment to follow up on the incident.

More recently, Louisiana State University canned a graduate student lecturer for leaving a vile, threatening message on the voicemail service of a GOP state senator. Although Marcus Venable was allowed to retain his position as a graduate student in the university’s sociology program, he will no longer have any teaching privileges.

According to reports, Venable’s opposition to a state bill aimed at preventing life-altering transgender surgeries and other procedures on young children was at the root of the tirade. He reportedly targeted state Sen. Mike Fesi, who recently voted in favor of House Bill 648, also known as the Stop Harming Our Kids Act.

Fesi highlighted the growing number of individuals who have grown to regret undergoing such procedures as adolescents when he took to the legislature floor on Tuesday to oppose Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards’ veto of the bill. The Republican-led legislature ultimately overrode the governor’s action.

Apparently, due to the Republican lawmaker’s impassioned speech in favor of protecting kids across Louisiana, Venable chose him as the target of a threatening message.

“I just wanted to say congratulations to our state Sen. Big Mike Fesi,” the now former student lecturer reportedly said. “And that f—ing moron voted to make things worse for people who are already suffering. You fat f—ing piece of s—. I can’t wait to read your name in the f—ing obituary.”

The explicit voicemail continued with Venable allegedly saying to the senator that he would make a “martini made from the tears of your butthurt conservatives when we put your f—ing ass in the ground, you fat f—ing piece of s—. F— you. I hope you have a terrible day.”

Uncensored audio of the voicemail was uploaded to social media.

After Venable was identified as the caller, university spokesperson Abbi Rocha Laymoun issued a statement confirming that he had been relieved of his teaching assignments.

Noting that his “profanity-filled, threatening call crossed the line,” she added; “This does not exhibit the character we expect of someone given the privilege of teaching as part of their graduate assistantship. The student will be allowed to continue their studies but will not be extended the opportunity to teach in the future.”