Greta Thunberg Says Biden Not ‘Radical Enough’ On Climate

Teenage Swedish climate crusader Greta Thunberg has some new criticism for Americans, this time because it is “strange” that people see Joe Biden as a “leader” on the climate. She offered her thoughts to the Washington Post when asked if Biden or other world leaders inspired her.

She said that the Biden administration’s actions cause her to think it is strange that the president is considered a leader. She claimed that America is “actually expanding” its fossil fuel infrastructure, adding that young people who “just want to go to school” should not be the people who raise awareness of what she described as an “emergency.”

She said that the crisis she sees is something “we don’t understand.” She said that her home country of Sweden doesn’t even count more than two-thirds of its actual carbon emissions. She tellingly added that “it’s all about the narrative.”

Despite Thunberg’s doubts, the Biden White House has been an unprecedented advocate of climate alarmism. Biden has read remarks prepared for him that describe the perceived crisis as an existential threat to “human existence as we know it.”

When Biden assumed office, he immediately revoked federal permits regarding the domestic Keystone XL Pipeline. The executive order Biden signed to destroy the project said that the “climate crisis” must be met with action and speed to avoid setting the world on a “catastrophic climate trajectory.”

Thunberg said last month that the major COP26 climate conference was simply a large “PR event.” She said that the world leaders who attended were engaged in “greenwashing.”

Biden has been criticized for allowing his aggressive climate agenda to flounder in Congress. He has also been asking for increased global oil production due to spiking gas prices and his crippling domestic energy production.

Thunberg said that Biden was treating the climate situation as just a “political topic” among all the others.