Gretchen Whitmer Is In Inconvenience As James Craig Is Driving Michigan GOP Candidates

Detroit police officers have a unique perspective on the problems ailing the state of Michigan. Former Motor City Police Department Chief James Craig knows what is wrong with the largest city in the state and the problems throughout Michigan. And he is building a massive, small-donation-led money lead in the GOP primary campaign for the governor’s seat. This race has yet to kick off but fetching Gretchen should be nervous. 

With the 2022 midterm decisions a little over a year away, and 2021 elections taking place this week, candidates are stacking up for next year’s race. 

Candidates competing for the GOP nomination can be judged primarily on money raised at this stage in the game. As Rush Limbaugh pointed out, money is the mother’s milk of politics, and it dictates who can pay staff and stay in the game longest. 

Michigan is an actual state for the nation going forward. Voters will choose who will confront officeholder Gretchen Whitmer, the failed tyrant who exceeded her powers during the lockdown and rubbed her elitism in the face of Michiganders. On August 2, 2022, she will likely get the boot, which cannot come soon enough. 

Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig announced his campaign raised more than $1.4 million in the third quarter of 2021. He is outperforming the other candidates for the GOP Michigan governor’s seat. It is not only an indication of gathering enthusiasm but an organized plan to build momentum and reach the critical threshold of voter support. 

Craig expressed his humble gratitude and respect for the help he has received across this state. Previous Michigan GOP Governors Rick Snyder and John Engler have already endorsed him. 

James Craig still has work to do. $1.5 million puts him in the lead, but it is a long race. Being ahead of the pack means that it may come down to a two-person race. He is competing with Garrett Soldano, a doctor from Kalamazoo. He stood up against the Whitmer lockdowns earning him the admiration of many people in the state. 

Essentially this race could come down to the man who draws the most prominent contrast with Whitmer. She will undoubtedly have more money than Craig and will have no contest from Democrats who would love to see her tank the economy even more and create greater government dependency and rage. Gretchen raised more than $3.1 million last quarter and has a total of $17 million. 

She could win re-election if internal disputes in the GOP allow her to hide and deflect attention from her failure. If grassroots voters feel the scales are being tipped, they will reject the eventual nominee. This money lead is a chance for Craig to make his case to the state. 

Even if Michigan has many competitors, this may only draw attention to the race. But would they be able to win? Michigan shows how vital discipline and targeted messages are for an exceptionally energetic and vocal governor. 

John Engler was a strong conservative who led Michigan until 2002. Rick Snyder was a moderate or liberal Republican who supported Joe Biden. It is a problem with a party that does not know what it stands for. 

Because Gretchen Whitmer is weak, many candidates will want the chance to take her out. But a prolonged primary battle is what she wants. Michigan Republicans can follow the process, but Craig should build a campaign as the presumable candidate so he can attack Whitmer’s record. If the GOP in Michigan messes up this race, it may be the end of the party in the state.