Gronkowski Believes NFL Going Overboard With Taylor Swift Coverage

At least one former NFL star and future Hall of Famer believes the league is going too far in pumping up Taylor Swift to its fans. Retired tight end Rob Gronkowski was recently asked about the NFL’s obsession with Swift’s budding relationship with Kansas City star Travis Kelce.

The ex-New England Patriots superstar addressed the issue Wednesday on FanDuel TV’s “Up & Adams.”

Gronkowski observed, “Yes, you can show her. Maybe have her perform a song now since they’re hyping her up every single week.” But, he continued. “We want more football! Yes, it’s fine that you show her, but not every single play.”

The four-time Super Bowl champion said the NFL’s attention during games should be on the players and what is happening on the field. “That’s my point — show the players, show the players’ celebrations.”

That’s not to say the popular former player is sour on Kelce’s new relationship with the pop sensation. “You know, it’s wonderful, he deserves it all,” Gronkowski proclaimed recently on “Entertainment Tonight.”

The former player affectionately known as “Gronk” pointed to Kelce’s seven 1,000-yard receiving seasons in a row. “He deserves every commercial, and he’s a good-looking man, so he deserves any lady he wants to get.”

As if these accolades did not go far enough, Gronkowski then heaped praise on Kelce’s dance moves.

There is no question that the league is attempting to draw new fans to its product. Many “Swifties” who pay no attention to the gridiron are now turning into the weekly production, and it is big news when Swift confirms she is attending a Kansas City game.

Being beholden to Taylor Swift has hardly negatively affected Kelce’s performance on the field. The tight end had a huge day in last week’s win over San Diego, hauling in 12 catches for 179 yards to set personal bests in both categories for the season.

He has 303 receiving yards in his last two games alone.

Further, the Kansas City games that Swift attends draw much higher ratings for a team that already enjoys a huge following. In other words, there is little to no chance that the NFL and its network partners will stop spotlighting the megastar.