Growing Evidence Hints Newsom Could Run For President

Many analysts have begun to believe that California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) may be running something akin to a shadow campaign in the 2024 presidential race. As President Joe Biden’s polling continues to reveal that many Americans are not excited to vote for him again, many have hoped that another would enter the race. Newsom allegedly appears ready to do so.

Last week, political analysts became intrigued by Newsom’s actions after he gave a financial donation to a Democrat mayoral candidate in Charleston, South Carolina. South Carolina has long been considered one of the first big states that Democrat candidates must win during the primaries.

A South Carolina win can give candidates a huge surge throughout the rest of the primary process. Therefore, it’s always helpful to cement good relations with other Democrats in the area, prior to the election. After Newsom’s contribution, many analysts have wondered if that’s exactly what he’s trying to do.

Newsom publicly denied that he was going to run for president in 2024 earlier this year to Fox News. However, many political analysts believe that Newsom may just be biding his time. Recent polling has shown that President Biden is an unfavorable option for many voters, especially young voters. Many voters also think he is too old to hold office for another term.

As President Biden’s low polling numbers don’t seem to be changing any time soon, political analysts and Democrats have desired another alternative. Attention on Newsom has become even more heightened, especially as people desire a younger candidate.

At 56 years old, Newsom is far younger than President Biden, who would be 82 at the start of his second term, if re-elected. Some in the Democrat party would like Biden to stand down and publicly announce that he will not run again for president, especially as his polling worsens.

Others believe that Newsom’s shadow campaign may be waiting for this, as well. If the Democrat party changes course and Biden does step down, Newsom can quickly enter center stage to rally voters behind him.

However, even if Newsom doesn’t run for president in 2024, many analysts believe he will almost certainly run in 2028. The moves he’s made last week alone will help him in his 2028 bid for the White House.