Growing Number Of US Veterans Are Running For Public Office

As many Americans can now see, elections have consequences. It is accurate at the national, presidential level and in races for mayor, governor, city council seats, etc. If there’s one thing COVID has managed to do, it shows the drastic differences in leadership styles between Republicans and Democrats.

At this time, the United States is living with the natural consequences of having Democrats in positions of power. Energy costs are at all-time highs because of a president who insists on trying to dismantle fossil fuels.

Gas prices and other living expenses are historically costly because of Democrats passing reckless spending bills into law without a thought for the consequences. However, the one silver lining to all this may be the reality that more and more veterans are running for office, as PJ Media points out.

As it turns out, the president’s mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan has played a significant role in veterans getting into US politics. Americans must never forget that Biden’s carelessness and lack of finesse led to 13 service members dying, something the president later called a success.

Currently, two veterans are running to become senators in Georgia for the 2022 congressional race. Other veterans are running for Florida House seats, Alabama Senate seats, and different positions. As the 2022 midterms get closer, Americans can expect to learn about more individuals announcing their candidacies.

There is no doubt the veterans of this nation have an unparalleled understanding of what public service entails. Likewise, were a veteran in the Oval Office instead of Biden, the 13 servicemembers who lost their lives overseas would likely still be alive and well today.

Elections have consequences, and if there’s one thing the Biden administration has done, it reveals the inherent danger of electing unqualified and inept leaders.

At this point, the United States is barely avoiding a tumbling off the cliff of utter disaster. Many of the folks holding the line are Republican leaders in various levels of government, some of whom are already veterans.

For instance, both Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis are veterans who are faithfully serving and fighting for freedom. These are the types of leaders Americans need more of, especially in current times.

To save America from disaster, the country has to elect leaders who know what they’re doing and those who have the best interest of the United States at heart. For the good of the nation, let’s hope more veterans run for and win public office.