Growing Numbers Of Democrats Giving Biden The “Cold Shoulder”

Across the board, Biden’s been alienating the American people due to his unsuccessful, ineffective leadership and the subsequent consequences.

Since getting into office, Biden has proved that every single warning Republicans made about him during the 2020 presidential election was valid. Biden even shocked some Republicans in the high number of problems he’s managed to create for the country in a reasonably short time.

Meanwhile, poll after poll shows growing percentages of Independents who are no longer in Biden’s fan club. Many Independents who voted for Biden did so because they thought he’d be a measured, moderate, and balanced leader. Since getting into office, Biden’s been chaotic, radical, and polarizing.

Even Democrats aren’t too thrilled with the 46th President. They’re not pleased with Biden’s failure to deliver on promises like passing “voting rights” bills, ending student loans, and passing climate change initiatives. Rumor has it that progressive Democrats want Biden primaried and replaced in 2024.

As various Americans turn against the 46th President for various reasons, more Democrat leaders openly treat Biden with disdain, as RedState covers.

Democrats find growing reasons not to be publicly seen or associated with Biden.

When the 46th President traveled down to Georgia earlier this month for voting rights, anti-filibuster address, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and other Georgia Democrats were absent.

During Biden’s visit to Pennsylvania days ago to promote the leftist agenda ahead of the November midterms, Democrats in the state couldn’t be bothered to show up.

This year, Pennsylvania Democrats in gubernatorial and senatorial elections had bigger things to focus on than a visit from their party’s President.

Weeks ago, Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke, running to be governor, also indirectly snubbed Biden. While speaking with the media, O’Rourke proclaimed that no Washington DC could or should assist his gubernatorial campaign.

As growing Democrats work to distance themselves from Biden, he is standing at a historically low, 33% support rating. More than five in ten Americans do not approve of the job Biden’s doing, despite his claims of “outperforming” as commander-in-chief.

If Biden had even an iota of self-awareness, he’d be looking around and questioning why Independents and Democrats are running away from him in droves. However, if there’s one thing Biden’s managed to do as President, it demonstrates his utter incapability of taking accountability for his missteps.