Gun Rights Supporters Accused of Being Pro-Slavery

Attacks against Second Amendment rights are in full swing these days.

Joe Biden continues to spread various lies about firearms in order to advance Democrats’ gun control agenda. One of his most recent lies to date involves the claim that 9mm firearms can cause a person’s lung to be blasted out of their body.

Meanwhile, mass shootings continue to be politicized and weaponized by the gun control movement. What gun control advocates haven’t been as vocal about is the left-wing district attorneys in cities like Philadelphia that won’t prosecute criminals for illegal gun possession.

One of the latest attacks against gun rights in America comes from “Anti-Racist” author Ibram Kendi. Days ago, Kendi compared supporters of the Second Amendment to slavery advocates.

The Latest From Kendi on Gun Rights
This past Sunday, Kendi spoke with CBS’ Face the Nation about Juneteeth, the holiday that commemorates the freedom of Black slaves.

When Kendi was asked how he’d help his daughter understand Juneteenth, he said he’d go into the differences between people fighting for their freedom and people fighting to keep other humans in bondage.

At this point, Kendi likened people fighting for gun rights to individuals fighting to exploit others and keep “inequalities” in place.

The “Anti-Racist” author also fully supports critical race theory and policies that ensure individuals have the same outcomes in life. In addition, Kendi has specifically defended critical race theory as an “anti-racist” doctrine that should be widely taught and accepted.

More Troubling Views From Kendi
Putting gun rights supporters in the same bracket as advocates of slavery is on-brand for Ibram Kendi. He’s also coincidentally accused police officers of being a danger to people of color in America.

This is compounded by Kendi’s direct calls for policing in America to be abolished. Sadly, the crossover between opposing gun rights and also opposing policing is very common on the political left.

These two policies, unfortunately, shake out to everyday Americans being defenseless, sitting ducks for dangerous offenders.

Gun rights supporters aren’t advocates of slavery, but rather everyday Americans who want to protect themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, there is no sign that attacks on the Second Amendment and Americans who value it will end anytime soon.