Harrelson Discusses Life Without A Cellphone On Podcast

Woody Harrelson recently explained why he doesn’t carry a cellphone during a podcast interview with Ted Danson and Kristin Bell on SiriusXM’s “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.” The actor shared his thoughts on staying disconnected from constant communication.

Danson remarked on Harrelson’s unique stance, noting that Harrelson doesn’t use a phone and often relies on others to manage it for him. Harrelson admitted this wasn’t entirely true but explained his complicated relationship with the device.

“Well, I just don’t like to have, you know, to be readily available to any human being at any time,” Harrelson said. He emphasized that while he wants to stay in touch, he dislikes the constant presence of a phone. He recalled trying to limit his phone use to two hours a day but quickly exceeding that limit.

Harrelson spoke about the importance of being present during social interactions, describing how he wanted to avoid the distraction of checking his phone during conversations. Bell shared similar sentiments, noting that her children made her realize her phone use was excessive.

“But I think once you recognize that, it reshapes, at least it did for me, my whole perspective,” Bell said, adding that she now puts her phone away when her kids are home. She emphasized the importance of being fully attentive to her family without the constant distraction of her phone.

Danson praised Harrelson’s approach, expressing a desire to follow his example. “I admire what you do with phones by the way, Woody. I need to emulate that more,” Danson concluded.