Harris Answers Questions About The Withdrawal From Afghanistan And It Didn’t Go Well

While leaving 2021 behind, there’s one question that needs to be asked, and someone finally asked. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been walking around as if they’ve solved the world’s problems with their solutions that end up going very badly. Just take the withdrawal from Afghanistan, for example.

Harris was speaking to Margaret Brennan on CBS’ Face the Nation, and Brennan said, “You said you were last in the room on the decision in Afghanistan to pull out. You’ve talked about not abandoning allies. Do you feel a personal responsibility for the chaos of that withdrawal?”

Boom, there it is, the question we’ve all had since the withdrawal from Afghanistan in late August 2021.

Harris responded by saying that she supported what Biden was doing, and the United States had to get the troops out. Harris blamed former President Donald Trump’s agreement with the Taliban, and Biden’s administration had to move. To be 100% clear, Trump’s withdrawal and Biden’s withdrawal are not the same. Trump’s plan was based on conditions that the Taliban agreed to. If there was a suicide bomber that killed 13 service members at an airport that was used in the withdrawal while Trump was in office, there’s no way there would have been a withdrawal. It would have been a complete occupy that would have led to the U.S. taking over Kabul, Afghanistan. No questions there.

Ultimately, Harris said, “I don’t regret that.” The tricky part of the situation is that Harris didn’t regret the soldiers who lost their lives.

When Brennan asked about Harris pledging to protect women’s rights, Harris said, “Yes. Yeah. And I feel very strongly about that.”

Really? Didn’t make good on that promise, huh.

The way that Biden’s Administration left Afghanistan allowed the entire world to see the embarrassment they were. Instead of keeping Bagram Air Base which was secure and had the prison and plenty of strategic assets, the Biden administration just let that go. Thousands of prisoners were released on the streets, and chaos ensued. Harris should feel responsible for every bit of that.

Harris had the opportunity to show strength by taking responsibility. She didn’t. Harris had a chance to explain some of the things that happened. She didn’t. Ultimately, Harris was at her weakest when she did nothing but blame Biden and say that she supported him.