Harris Thinks That Human Trafficking Is “Profitable” But It Might Be “Morally Wrong”

Vice President Kamala Harris is incredibly incompetent and hypocritical. If the right were allowed to say many things, we thought, we would be banned from any social media platform for life.

When it comes to the southern border, Harris is particularly hypocritical. She said, “Trafficking is an extremely heinous and profitable business. Let’s be clear: When we’re talking about human trafficking, we are talking about some human beings who are essentially buying and selling other human beings.”

Either that was a ridiculous way for Harris to say she supports human trafficking as a business but hates it as a guiding moral compass or that human traffickers are Republicans.

The first one is taken from the “heinous and profitable” comment. Harris says, “it’s a great way to make money, but please don’t do it because it’s mean.”

The second interpretation comes from President Joe Biden’s comparison of Republicans to enslavers, and if they were elected, they would put people in chains. How’s that working out, Biden? You’re putting more people in chains with ridiculous COVID-19 mandates because the police keep arresting people for not wearing masks.

It’s just like when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says that she’s Catholic and supports abortion. Same with Biden. It’s despicable.

Harris has allowed a system of immigration to continue for Biden’s entire presidency that gives a market to coyotes smuggling people across the border. It’s open season, and yes, it’s profitable. It’s only beneficial because it’s allowed. If Harris, or anyone for God’s sake, would shut down illegal immigration, it would save more lives than it ever cost. That’s to you, too, Texas Governor Greg Abbott. You’re on the hook for allowing this to happen as well. It’s your state. Do something.

Harris also said, “Experts suggest that the number of people at risk has also grown during COVID-19. So, we must address, with a sense of urgency, what is happening in our backyard.”

It’s not happening in our backyard as much as on our property line. Imagine your neighbor building a shed 5 feet onto your property. You’d notice, wouldn’t you? Yeah, you would.

If Harris’ response is the same as it has been, “do the same thing we’ve been doing,” then we’re not in a good place. There have been 2 million illegal alien crossings in 2021. That’s more than under any President in history.

In other words, there’s not going to change, only a continuation of sabotage and fake heartfelt speeches that leave you wondering how sincere Harris, or Biden, really are and who they’re willing to sacrifice in the name of social justice policies.