Health Officials Are Now Openly Toying With Americans

If one thing has happened over the past two years, it is a significant decline of trust in the healthcare community. Furthermore, this distrust is a consequence of how health officials have handled COVID.

Health officials claim getting vaccinated against COVID is the answer to stopping the virus. Yet, at the same time, they cannot account for why fully vaccinated individuals have still tested positive for the virus, in addition to being able to spread it, be hospitalized for it, and die from it.

On top of this, health officials have become infamous for downplaying, if not ignoring, adverse side effects. They won’t talk openly about the negative impacts of these rushed vaccinations. However, health officials have no problem backing COVID vaccine mandates.

Quite frankly, it’s getting tiresome to witness these people repeatedly move the goalposts as it pertains to this pandemic. However, as documented by TheBlaze, the healthcare community is now back at it again.

In light of the omicron strain of coronavirus, the CEO of Pfizer has declared people may require a fourth COVID vaccine. It comes on top of the initial two doses, plus the booster shots that people are pressured to get.

Over this month alone, Anthony Fauci has confirmed the healthcare community will change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include booster shots. Now, judging from the Pfizer CEOs latest announcement, “fully vaccinated” could be changed again to encompass having the original vaccines, the boosters, and the fourth dose.

The Pfizer CEO, of course, made sure to preach about how “concerned” he is about the speed of omicron’s spread. He also declared that it’s “bad news” to have a virus such as this that can spread rapidly.

Mandates and restrictions regarding COVID stopped being about health and safety long ago. It has now turned into a situation where health officials are throwing anything out there, seemingly to test how many people will go along with it.

At what point does it become reasonable to question the efficacy of these vaccines? If these vaccines are truly as effective as the government and medical community claim, why do individuals require three and four shots to be protected? Why aren’t the first and second shots good enough?

Health officials cannot and will not answer these questions. They want everyone to shut up and do whatever they say. Yet, the irony here is that the more outlandish these people get with their “guidance,” the more people they will cause to ask questions.