Heightened Terror Alert Issued By Former CIA Director

Just months before the 2024 election, former acting CIA Director Michael Morell and Graham Allison have issued a grave warning about a potential terrorist attack. In an article for Foreign Affairs, they stated that “the terrorism warning lights are blinking red again,” drawing parallels to the period before the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Morell and Allison highlighted recent warnings from FBI Director Christopher Wray and CENTCOM Commander Gen. Erik Kurilla. They likened these alerts to those made by then-CIA Director George Tenet prior to 9/11, underscoring the urgency of the situation. The experts urged that these warnings should not be taken lightly, as past alerts have often corresponded with actual risks.

The analysts called on President Joe Biden to launch a comprehensive counterterrorism campaign to address the potential threat. They recommended that Congressional intelligence committees hold hearings with top intelligence and counterterrorism officials to evaluate the current risk landscape. Morell and Allison argue that preventing a terrorist attack requires proactive measures and that complacency could have severe consequences.

Despite these warnings, some observers remain skeptical. Axios pointed out that while numerous alerts have been issued since 9/11 without resulting in attacks, the possibility of a threat should not be underestimated. Critics, such as Alexander Nowrasteh from the Cato Institute, claim that Morell and Allison’s warnings lack substantial evidence.

Morell’s credibility is further complicated by his involvement in the Hunter Biden laptop controversy. In 2020, he was among the intelligence officials who labeled the laptop story as “Russian disinformation,” a claim they continued to support even after the laptop’s authenticity was verified. This has led some to question the timing and motives behind Morell’s current warnings.

As the election nears, the debate over national security and the potential for a terrorist attack becomes increasingly relevant. The call for heightened vigilance and a strong response reflects ongoing concerns about safeguarding the nation amidst a complex and dynamic global environment.

Whether these warnings will lead to concrete actions or be dismissed as politically motivated remains to be seen.