Heritage Foundation Holds Biden Accountable On ‘Economic Freedom’

The economy is undoubtedly at the top of the list of all the damage Joe Biden has managed to do since getting into the White House.

So many parts of the US economy are suffering. Look no further than businesses having to raise their prices due to supplies, labor, packaging, and other overhead costs getting higher.

Then, as the prices go up, everyday Americans see their wages decrease in value. The average person’s salary in this country is not even close to inflation.

Then, both jobs reports and consumer confidence levels continue to disappoint. In light of all this, Biden is facing rising calls, even from some folks on the left, to get a grip on inflation.

In the meantime, the Heritage Foundation, a conservative group, is holding Biden to account on economic freedom, as covered by Fox Business.

In one of the latest Heritage Foundation studies, Americans’ economic freedom under Biden’s presidency is on a big-time decline. Working-class families and those with little income are being significantly harmed by the hits the economy is taking.

Last year’s economic freedom index report determined that America fell from the 20th spot in 2021 to the 25th spot this year. This index report considers taxes, open markets, the efficiency of various regulations, and more.

Kevin Roberts, the President of the Heritage Foundation, also had some more critical details to share. Roberts explained that mandates, shutdowns, excessive spending from the federal government, and a litany of other matters engendered economic harm.

That’s not to mention the growing problems Americans are having with paying off debts, especially when interest rates are about to increase to offset inflation.

As the Heritage Foundation pointed out, self-governance is one of the best tools for people to thrive economically. It means getting the federal government out of the way and not passing new spending packages to increase the national deficit further.

At this time, if the GOP succeeds in regaining control of Congress in November, the country will quickly be able to embrace much more robust levels of self-governance.

With Democrats in control of Congress, the federal government has done everything possible to insert itself in the lives of Americans. Yet, the outcomes have been nothing short of a disaster.

The US economy is something the Biden Administration continuously looks to evade accountability for.