HHS Gender Pronoun Policy Forces Employees To Go Against Beliefs

The implementation of an Orwellian gender pronoun policy by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been met with criticism from a former HHS official and expert at the Heritage Foundation. Roger Severino says the policy infringes upon employee rights and may lead to terminations for the act of “misgendering.”

According to Severino, the former head of civil rights at HHS during the Trump administration and current vice president for domestic policy at the Heritage Foundation, federal employees are being compelled to speak untruths by HHS and the government.

Last week, Severino was the first to report on X, previously known as Twitter. According to Severino, employees will now be required to disregard biological realities and use specific pronouns, or else they may face termination. As evidence, he shared a screenshot of an email sent to department employees.

According to Severino, federal employees are safeguarded by the First Amendment from being forced to speak untruths, conform to a government-sanctioned belief system, and renounce their personal religious convictions.

The email sent to HHS employees emphasized the importance of addressing all employees by the names and pronouns they use to describe themselves.

Last week, an email was sent to HHS employees containing a YouTube video that is not publicly listed. The video features Assistant HHS Secretary Rachel Levine, who identifies as transgender, and emphasizes the importance of recognizing the validity of one’s self-identity.

Severino clarified to Fox News Digital that the policy, which he described as “Orwellian,” entails that referring to someone using the wrong gender pronouns would be considered a breach of anti-discrimination legislation, resulting in termination of employment.

Severino told the Catholic News Agency (CNA) in an interview that the new policy will be used to target Christian employees.

“It absolutely will lead to targeting Christians because the {Biden} administration has made it abundantly clear that it prioritizes gender ideology over free speech and religious freedom rights,” he said.

The video further emphasizes that employees have the freedom to dress according to their gender identity and utilize restroom facilities accordingly.

Severino commented on the correlation between this rule and HHS locker rooms and bathrooms, stating that individuals who identify as female possess the entitlement to get nude in the presence of their female colleagues.

Severino stated that in the past, it was considered a direct infringement of civil rights law if a man was permitted to undress in front of a woman at the workplace. This type of behavior created a hostile work environment, which was highly detrimental to women. However, the current policy places the burden on women who feel uncomfortable in such situations, as they are the ones expected to leave.

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