HHS Secretary Claims Roe Will Not Be Overturned For Long

In a revealing Sunday commentary, Biden administration Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Bacerra said he did not believe the Supreme Court’s striking down of Roe v. Wade will prevail.

He said the ruling “just is not America” and urged legislators to pass a law to codify Roe. He further complained that the country still has not passed the Equal Rights Amendment, an amendment which, if he cared to check, passed its ratification deadline over 40 years ago.

President Joe Biden last week urged a carveout for the Senate’s filibuster rule to pass new legislation upholding abortion as a legal right. Many Democrats, however, believe the party is not fighting hard enough to circumvent the high court decision.

The suggestions from within his own party ranks are wildly varied. Many called for the federal government to open abortion clinics on federal land in Republican-led states. The White House rejected this suggestion on grounds of “dangerous ramifications.”

These include the possible prosecutions of abortion providers in states where the procedure is illegal. Even so, far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanded that Biden take “the babiest of the baby steps” and open the clinics anyway.

That’s an odd turn of phrase for an abortion radical.

The administration has thus far rejected calls to expand the Supreme Court to form a liberal majority. Biden resisted plans to eliminate the filibuster but did call for the temporary carveout last week.

The White House said there is not a specific action the president alone can take to make abortion legal nationwide. In a way of kicking the political can down the road, Biden said last week that “this fall, Roe is on the ballot.”

There was another striking statement on the Sunday political talk circuit that reflected the nation’s deep divide. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas declared the country is under a “heightened threat environment.”

This, he said on “Face the Nation,” is due to the high court’s overturning of Roe and the reaction it stirred. A handful of far-right marchers appeared in Boston on Saturday and another group recently disrupted a drag show.

This, however, pales in comparison to dozens of incidents of vandalism and even firebombings by the militant left in response to the high court ruling. An assassination attempt on a Supreme Court justice in his home is another fine example of an elevated “threat environment.”