High School Game Suspended After Athlete Collapses During Game

A basketballer from a New Jersey high school had to be wheeled from a game on a stretcher after he collapsed on Sunday.

The incident occurred during a game between Roselle Catholic High School in Roselle and Long Island Lutheran in Brookville. At some point during the second quarter, Tarik Watson, who played in the junior forward position for Roselle, was stricken.

He was taken away from the field on a stretcher and transported to Cohen Children’s hospital in Queens. On his way out, he lifted his left hand to give the crowd a thumbs-up from the stretcher.

Due to the incident, the game could not go on and had to be suspended, with Lutheran leading 20-11. It is unclear when — or if at all — the game will be resumed.

Sharing his perspective on the incident, head coach for Lutheran John Buck said that Watson seemed to have fainted without “any specific reason.” According to the coach, this would be the first time he would have a game interrupted in his 15 years of coaching. But he understands why the decision had to be made.

The team’s assistant athletic director Todd Huebner affirmed that the player lost consciousness. “I don’t think he stopped breathing, but he lost consciousness for a little bit. … But he came back pretty quick,” he said.

Watson is, however, doing well, according to reports from his team. On Tuesday, Roselle coach Dave Boff confirmed that he is in a good state of health and was discharged from the hospital on Monday night. Now, he is resting at home.

Huebner also said that Watson seemed to be in good condition by the time he was wheeled off the field. “He had movement in all of his extremities. … Everything seemed good when he left,” he stated.

The player himself took to Instagram on Tuesday to thank his fans for their support and let them know he is doing good. “I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and compassion shown towards me during these circumstances,” he wrote.

“I would like to let everyone know I’m doing well and I appreciate all the love and support for me and my family,” he continued.