Highland Park Shooting Brings Attention to Chicago Crime

On Monday, the nation was shaken when a shooter opened fire during an Independence Day celebration in Highland Park, Illinois. This has led to new conversations about gun control and the shooter himself.

As it turns out, law enforcement had multiple run-ins with the shooter, even confiscating various weapons from him in 2017. However, despite all of Illinois’ gun control laws, some Democrats are still saying even more gun control is the solution.

Many Republicans have said that due to the shooter’s history of mental instability and previous run-ins with law enforcement, he never should have been able to access guns in the first place.

However, with all the attention going to Highland Park, calls for more focus to shift towards crime in Chicago are growing as well.

An Important Message From the Chicago Alderman
One day after the Highland Park shooting, Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez spoke with Fox News about the tragedy and its greater implications for Illinois.

Lopez specifically stated that barely a fraction of the attention going towards Highland Park has been directed towards Chicago. Meanwhile, Chicago sees far more crime more often than Highland Park does.

Later, the Chicago alderman stated the difference between what happened in Highland Park versus what regularly occurs in Chicago boils down to a frog being in water getting hotter versus a frog being in water that’s boiling.

Lopez explained that with back-to-back weekends of shootings in Chicago, there should be the same type of action, outrage, and attention directed towards these events as what’s being directed towards Highland Park.

A Call to Action For Federal Officials
Lopez’s remarks for more action to be directed towards Chicago weren’t just limited to his Tuesday appearance on Fox News.

On social media, the Chicago alderman has also actively been rallying for comprehensive solutions. Tuesday evening, Lopez endorsed a call for Vice President Kamala Harris to visit Chicago during her time in Highland Park to observe lives lost.

Harris was called to not only visit Chicago, but also to engage in solutions that can help prevent violence in the inner city. For years on end, Chicago’s been home to mass shootings and other crimes, with seemingly no real attention from the nation’s top leaders.