Hillary Clinton Gets COVID-19 and Asks for Movie Advice, the Internet Responds

Somehow Hillary Clinton still has 31 million followers. Is it that hard to let her fade quietly into the political sunset? Well, it’s kind of hard to do that when she is still tweeting about everything.

While never one to wish ill health on people I disagree with politically, I did take special glee in the instant trolling of her account for the movie recommendations.

If you will recall, Hillary Clinton was skewered as Secretary of State for abandoning our diplomats. The video of her hearing that will forever live in infamy with the “What difference does it make” statement is here:

Hillary Benghazi what difference does it make

Benghazi was not the only thing twitter trolled her for. There was this gem from Sebastian Gorka:

It is also surprising that Twitter has not banned people for violations of its murky terms of service with the commentary at Clinton’s expense.

Hillary Clinton enjoys a position of power because her views are in alignment with the very loud and organized progressive left. She can say what she wants without fear of being banned or canceled. Opposing views, even those meant to be humorous, do not enjoy the same protections. The Babylon Bee was just banned from Twitter, for example, for naming Rachel Levine man of the year.