Hillary Clinton is Attacking Americans Again

With all the hardships facing Americans these days, the last thing anyone really needs is a lecture from twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In America today, the Clinton name is all but synonymous with corruption and greed. In light of this, it’s fair to say Clinton isn’t in the position to tell anyone what to think, do or feel.

Last year, the twice-failed presidential contender scolded everyday Americans for their lack of “gratefulness” to Joe Biden. This past weekend, Clinton repeated this behavior while speaking with Meet the Press host Chuck Todd.

Clinton’s Take on Biden’s Leadership and Americans’ Responses

During her interview with Meet the Press, Hillary Clinton claimed that Biden’s job performance has been great. Meanwhile, the inflation crisis rages on and gas prices in certain parts of the nation are getting close to $10.00 per gallon.

Clinton said she’s not able to grasp where the “disconnect” stands between what the Biden administration has supposedly achieved and how these so-called achievements are being reacted to.

Clinton later went on record, explaining how she thinks Democrats could improve things for themselves. Rather than urging Democrats to end the energy crisis and bring down prices across the country, Clinton had very different recommendations.

According to Clinton, Democrats need to do a better job of parading around Biden’s successes and standing up against “nuttiness” coming from the Republican Party.

Clinton on the Midterms

Like other Democrats, Hillary Clinton is deathly afraid of seeing her party lose the midterms in November.

In further statements to Meet the Press, Clinton said that Biden’s “good accomplishments” won’t mean anything if Democrats don’t hold onto the House and Senate this November.

Needless to say, Clinton’s new attacks on the American public were not well-received. Many people went on social media and said she was out of touch and not really paying attention to what’s happening in the country.

Other people laid out the laundry list of reasons why the Biden administration is suffering low poll numbers and a lack of gratitude. If Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are the leaders and voices of the Democrats, then the party is worse off than anyone really expected.

Nothing about Clinton’s Meet the Press remarks showed any kind of empathy for what the average American is up against.