Hillary Clinton ‘Tries And Fails’ To Be Edgy

It is not an exaggeration to state that much of the United States is tired of Hillary Clinton. The Clinton family in America has become synonymous with scandals, elitism, and corruption.

Despite Clinton’s past work as Secretary of State and other government roles, she’s not popular or well-liked. Clinton will say this has to do with bigotry and her being a woman, but this isn’t reality. Many women in American politics are far more liked than Clinton.

As of late, there’s been talk about the former Secretary of State making yet another run to be President. She tried in 2008 and 2016, yet was defeated by Barack Obama and Donald Trump. With Biden’s presidency growing more popular by the day, Clinton appears to sense a potential path forward.

In preparation for a possible 2024 presidential campaign, Clinton was seen at a “Galentine’s Day” event wearing a “but her email” cap, obviously referencing the scandal of Clinton deleting classified, confidential emails.

This attempt to be edgy didn’t go over so well for the failed presidential candidate, as covered by Breitbart News.

Not only did Hillary Clinton get photographed in a “but her emails” cap, she tweeted out the photo, along with a link that her supporters could visit to purchase the merchandise.

Meanwhile, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz also took to Twitter, sharing his views. The Texas senator described the whole debacle as “sad.”

Many other conservatives also shared similar viewpoints on social media. Some folks even stated the new merchandise was yet another indicator of Clinton preparing to run for the White House again.

At this point, it is unknown whether or not Clinton plans to run for President for the third time. However, reports indicate that if Republicans win the November midterms, Clinton will seriously run again.

Meanwhile, GOP leadership has had a good laugh at the notion of a twice-failed presidential candidate making a third run for the Oval Office. RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel declared the desperation of Democrats is truly showing if the best they have to offer the nation in 2024 is Hillary Clinton.

On another note, the continued rumors of a Hillary Clinton 2024 presidential run do not bode well for Biden. These rumors speak to the reality that Biden failed so much that his party is desperate for someone else as a representative less than halfway into his term.