Hillary Clinton Unleashes New Baseless Attack On Republicans

Former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sent a new barrage of attacks at Republicans Tuesday in an unhinged appearance on MSNBC.

Speaking on the network’s “The ReidOut,” Clinton called out the GOP for supposed “crazy violent rhetoric” that is a threat to the Republic.

Just ahead of next week’s midterm elections, she declared that the Republican Party has “always” been home for “a streak of violence, racism, and misogyny.”

Clinton spared no criticism in lashing out against the party now expected to gain control of both the House and Senate after the election. She appeared determined to wring every ounce of blame out of the Paul Pelosi attack and hurl it at the GOP.

In a clear message to voters, she asked why anyone would place their trust in a party that is “unable to see how terrible it is that someone would be attacked in their home.”

This, of course, despite immediate and continued condemnations from Republicans up and down the ladder against the horrific incident.

That hardly matters to the left, which clearly sees that abortion and ultra-MAGA slogans are not enough to prevent the coming landslide. Clinton called the supposed heartlessness of the GOP “a real threat to the heart of our democracy.”

The former first lady quickly hitched her wagon to the comments of President Joe Biden and other elected Democrats in the aftermath of the attack. Somehow there is direct linkage from the election anger of Jan. 6 to a psychotic nudist attacking the House Speaker’s husband.

Clinton previously charged that Republicans and their allies “regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories.”

This, of course, is the same Hillary Clinton who once railed against a “vast right wing conspiracy.”

Ominously, Clinton added that “we must hold them accountable for their words and the actions that follow.” Accountable for opposing Democratic rhetoric and responsible for hammer-wielding mentally ill assailants who have zero ties to the party?

The true goal of the former presidential candidate and her ilk is to stifle dissenting voices. The internet along with Fox News and now others ended the left’s monopoly on mass information, and thus it is no longer acceptable to stand in opposition to the Democrats — even simply with words.