Hillary Clinton’s Obsession With Losing To Trump Takes A Pitiful Turn

During the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton failed to become the president of the United States. The presidency was something Clinton wanted and even felt entitled to.

Since losing to Trump over five years ago, Clinton is still in a state of shock, it seems. She’s spoken about her loss on countless occasions and even written an entire book about the situation, with the book being titled “What Happened.”

Of course, for Americans who have been paying attention, “what happened” couldn’t be any plainer. Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate with unlikeable policies.

Contrary to what Clinton wants to think, America’s rejection had nothing to do with her being a woman, yet everything to do with her abysmal character and documented track record of lying.

Several days ago, the failed 2016 presidential candidate shared the speech she would have given had she defeated Trump during the second most recent White House race.

However, as RedState reports, this speech is particularly pitiful for many reasons.

To promote her masterclass, Hillary Clinton is putting her victory speech that never was on full display. By Clinton’s admission, she is doing this to help individuals find their paths in manners that are in keeping with “purpose” and “passion.”

For starters, the notion of anyone spending their hard-earned money on Clinton’s masterclass is laughable. It’s incredibly ridiculous in light of inflation and the increasing struggles Americans face with barely being able to afford the bare necessities.

Another equally laughable element of Clinton’s sharing her speech in this regard deals with her behavior on the 2016 campaign trail. Clinton arrogantly assumed that Wisconsin was a state she had in the bad; Clinton was so sure she didn’t even visit the state.

Later, she had a meltdown upon learning that President Trump managed to get Wisconsin in his column after all. Clinton’s inability to let go of her loss to the 45th president is just embarrassing for her at this point. She should cut it off and save what remains of her dignity.

Several weeks ago, in yet another one of Hillary Clinton’s insufferable interviews, she lamented the reality that Americans are not showing enough gratitude to Joe Biden for what he’s done as president thus far.

Clinton’s belief that Americans ought to be thankful for inflation, open borders, illegal medical mandates, and more is all the more reason why she should never be president. The more Clinton talks, the more Americans are thankful to President Trump for stopping her dead in her tracks.