Hillary Clinton’s Obsession With Trump Continues To Escalate

A little over five years ago, Donald Trump did America a huge favor by ensuring that Hillary Clinton would never become president of the United States. Clinton, as president, would have been a nightmare.

She’d have raised taxes, crushed businesses with regulations, and Clinton certainly wouldn’t have hesitated to hit Americans with endless COVID restrictions. Despite losing to Trump over half a decade ago at this point, Clinton still has never gotten over it.

She’s written a book about her failure to become president in 2016. She’s toured with that book and otherwise partaken in speaking engagements. However, Americans still have to hear Clinton ramble on about Trump years later.

As PJ Media points out, the failed presidential contender now has some new commentary regarding President Trump.

During an NBC News interview earlier this week, Hillary Clinton spoke at length about the 45th president. According to Clinton, she fears Trump deciding to make another run for the White House during the 2024 presidential election.

In all her infinite wisdom, Clinton declared that “democracy” would somehow cease to exist if Trump managed to win back the White House in 2024. She also opines about Trump further, stating she believes he will seek the presidency when the next White House election comes around.

These remarks about democracy from Clinton are rich, though. The same individual dared to scold Americans in a previous interview for not showing gratitude to Joe Biden.

Clinton’s view that Americans should be grateful for human traffickers coming across the border, inflation making everything unaffordable, 13 dead service members in Afghanistan, and more.

When Hillary Clinton speaks about “democracy,” she’s not genuinely referring to democracy from an objective standpoint. Clinton means that a Trump 2024 presidential run threatens Democrats’ remaining in power.

Thus far, the signs indicate that Trump is planning a 2024 presidential run. While the former president has not yet confirmed this, he has stated that when he does announce his decision on whether or not to run for the White House again, his base will be very pleased.

Thus far, polls tracking potential GOP candidates for 2024 show Trump leading the pack. However, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads in polls without Trump, followed by other well-known names in the Republican Party.

Nevertheless, if Trump does run in 2024, Americans can count on more nonsense to come from Hillary Clinton.