Historic First: Teamsters Union Leader To Speak At GOP Convention

Sean O’Brien, General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, will make history by speaking at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, next month. This marks the first time a Teamsters General President will address the RNC.

The announcement came from former President Donald Trump via Truth Social. Trump praised O’Brien for accepting the invitation, stating, “Sean O’Brien, the General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, has accepted my invitation to speak at the RNC Convention in Milwaukee. Our GREAT convention will unify Americans and demonstrate to the nation’s working families they come first.”

Trump continued, “When I am back in the White House, the hardworking Teamsters, and all working Americans, will once again have a country they can afford to live in and be respected around the world. Sean, I look forward to seeing you represent the Teamsters in Milwaukee. Together we can Make America Great Again.”

Teamsters spokesperson Kara Deniz acknowledged the significance of this event, stating, “This will be the very first time a Teamsters General President has addressed the RNC.”

Deniz expressed appreciation for Trump’s invitation and urged the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to offer a similar platform. “We appreciate former President Trump’s openness to inviting a labor leader to speak on behalf of working families. We sincerely hope the DNC will also respond to our request with an invitation.”

The Teamsters union, which endorsed Joe Biden in 2020 and Hillary Clinton in 2016, has yet to announce its endorsement for the 2024 presidential election. O’Brien’s participation in the RNC could indicate a strategic shift or a desire to engage with both major political parties more broadly.

This event highlights the increasing significance of labor unions in the political arena, as candidates from both sides seek to align with the interests of working-class Americans. The involvement of the Teamsters at the RNC underscores the importance of labor issues in shaping national policies and political strategies.

O’Brien’s upcoming speech at the RNC is a pivotal moment for the Teamsters and the broader labor movement, reflecting a potential new era of political engagement and influence. As the political landscape continues to shift, the role of labor leaders and unions will remain critical in advocating for the rights and interests of American workers.