Hochul Demands Ukraine Funding For New York Migrant Crisis

New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul is suddenly on board with the migrant crisis experienced by her state being a “federal problem.” Now she declared the state needs funding, land and to see migrants issued work permits.

On Tuesday, the governor spoke on Spectrum News NY1’s “Inside City Hall.” She told viewers that the southern border situation is sending people to her state seeking asylum.

And Hochul gave a laundry list of items she said the state and New York City must have.

As would be expected, first on that list was money. The Democrat said she believed that congressional leaders are asking for supplemental dollars to be included in another Ukraine aid package. She urged Republicans to “get on board with that.”

In a bizarre twist, she endorsed using Department of Defense properties along with others for space for illegal migrants. So much for “sanctuary” status.

Then she made her request for legal work status for illegal migrants.

Hochul wants migrants from Latin American countries such as Venezuela to enjoy the same benefits as those from Afghanistan and Cuba. These refugees are granted an expedited work process opportunity, and the governor pleaded for the same for other illegal migrants as well.

So, besides free housing and healthcare, the government is supposed to expedite job opportunities as well.

Hochul is also trying to twist more funding out of the New York legislature to handle the migrant surge. The NYC homeless shelter system is bursting at the seams, and many have been shipped upstate while even more are sleeping on the streets

The state already pledged $1 billion to the city, but Hochul wants more. She called current conditions “untenable” and said the situation is at a “breaking point.”

The state is paying for 2,000 National Guard members called in to assist with the influx of illegal migrants. Sites now being utilized include a hanger at JFK airport and a former prison and psychiatric center.

Hochul was right on one point. The illegal migrant crisis is a federal problem, and blame belongs squarely on the shoulders of President Joe Biden. His rush to throw open the border led to the New York emergency and those experienced by several other states.

But until Washington gets serious about controlling the southern border, the situation will only get worse.