Hollywood Climate Alarmist Steven Spielberg Has Used $116,000 In Jet Fuel Since June

An analysis by Fox News indicates that a private jet owned by Hollywood mogul Steven Spielberg has used over $116,000 of carbon-rich jet fuel in just the last two months. The famous director’s carbon footprint appears to be in conflict with his years-long nannying about climate change and global warming.

Flight tracking data compiled by Celebrity Jets shows that Spielberg’s Gulfstream G650 has burned the jet fuel during the course of 16 trips covering almost 17,000 miles since the last week in June.

The figures for Spielberg’s fuel usage are likely underestimated because the database did not include travel data for at least three additional trips made by the luxury jet.

Spielberg said breathlessly during a 2018 interview regarding his film “Ready Player One” that he is “terrified” of global warming. He said that the phenomenon is a “scientific reality” and not a “political trick.” He went on to slam anyone who goes ‘blithely through life” without caring about their impact on the environment.

The multimillionaire went on to chastise ordinary Americans, saying that “people have to come around to believing” that humanity is going to “have to have a kind of confrontation with destiny unless we do something about it today.” He added that “everybody has to be held responsible” for how they impact climate change.

Since June 23, Spielberg’s jet has emitted at least 179 tons of carbon dioxide. The average American’s carbon footprint is 16 tons per year. The global average is 4 tons per person per year.

Spielberg’s Gulfstream has made trips between the Hamptons on Long Island, New York to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and locations in California and Illinois in less than two months. The plane has also made the short jump over to Martha’s Vineyard.

Of course, there is no shortage of climate hypocrites in Hollywood. Reports last week indicated that actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio has flown thousands and thousands of miles on private jet flights while pressuring ordinary citizens to be subjected to harsh climate change policies.

In 2016, DiCaprio took a private jet flight from Europe to New York to accept an award for his environmental advocacy. He has also flown to Davos, Switzerland, to accept the World Economic Forum’s Crystal Award for displaying outstanding “leadership in tackling the climate crisis.”