Home Depot Slammed for Woke “White Privilege” Worksheet

Over the past few years, many large companies with no ties to politics have decided to insert themselves into political debates, mostly siding with the left.

Americans watched this happen in 2020 when countless large businesses shelled out big bucks to Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter has ironically since come under fire for failing to account for what it’s done with the multiple millions of dollars it pocketed in donations.

Conservatives have warned that these giant corporations siding with woke leftism are not doing themselves any favors. However, this is a lesson that Home Depot is learning the hard way, as documented by The Blaze.

When Wokeness Backfires

At this time, Home Depot has gone viral for a worksheet in which it unleashes on people who supposedly have “white privilege,” “Christian privilege,” etc. The worksheet also admonishes folks who Home Depot believes as being in denial of their alleged privilege.

In light of this, Home Depot is trying to put out this PR disaster. According to the company, this worksheet was not authorized by the company’s higher-ups, and it came from the company’s division in Canada.

In a public statement, Home Depot also claimed that the widely circulated “white privilege” worksheet was not part of any programs within the company. In the same statement, Home Depot was also very clear in noting its support for inclusion and diversity.

Consequences for Home Depot

Despite Home Depot’s work to put out this fire, it’s going to be quite some time before all of this blows over.

On social media, many users have stated they won’t be giving Home Depot their business, due to the “white privilege” worksheet. Others have called for Home Depot to be boycotted altogether, in light of its apparent values and woke rhetoric.

All in all, many people are tired of the division that goes hand in hand with wokeness. People who are woke claim they’re about bringing people. Yet, attacking people for their race, religion, etc., only serves to divide people.

According to social media posts, many folks have canceled their accounts and cards with Home Depot. Other unhappy individuals have said they will exercise their “privilege” to support other companies that don’t try to divide people.

All in all, Home Depot isn’t the first company to get in trouble for this type of propaganda and it probably won’t be the last. Companies that rely on customers of various backgrounds and political ideologies may do well to steer clear of wokeness altogether.