House Democrat Demands Visitor Logs From Trump And Pence

Rep. Jamie Raskin ( D-MD) wrote a letter to the Secret Service on Tuesday, demanding the agency turn over the visitor’s logs from the homes of former President Donald Trump and former vice President Mike Pence to the House Oversight Committee. Raskin’s demands come as the committee investigates how top government officials, including President Joe Biden, have mishandled classified documents.

Raskin, in his letter, asked the Secret Service to provide “all documents and communications related to visitor information” at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club and Pence’s Carmel, Indiana home from Jan. 21, 2021, till date. Raskin gave the agency until Feb. 14 to comply with his demands.

“Given that the U.S. Secret Service provided protection for Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence during the time they stored classified materials at their respective residences, the Committee is seeking information from your agency regarding who had access to former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club and former Vice President Pence’s personal residence since leaving office,” Raskin wrote in his letter.

Raskin demands come after House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) also asked the Secret Service to provide the panel with the visitor logs from President Joe Biden’s home in Delaware after classified documents were discovered at the house.

Comer revealed that he was seeking the logs to determine who had access to the document because the president’s team has not been transparent.

Comer blasted the White House for its lack of transparency, noting that the American people would not have known about Biden’s possession of classified documents at his home and office at Penn Biden Center if not for CBS investigative reporting.

“So the administration hasn’t been transparent about what’s going on with President Biden’s possession of classified documents, and we just want equal treatment, with respect to how both former President Trump and current President Biden are being treated with the documents,” he said.

Comer also revealed that the discovery of the documents at Penn Biden Center ties into his committee’s investigation into the president’s family influence peddling and how they benefit from anonymous donations from China, according to The New York Post.