House Republicans Are Standing Up For Election Integrity

The midterm elections are days away. These races are going to have monumental impacts on what the next two years look like and how the 2024 presidential election shakes out.

Right now, momentum is on the side of Republicans. Independents are more aligned with the GOP than Democrats. On top of this, Republicans are more trusted than Democrats on critical issues like crime, the economy, and inflation.

Nevertheless, the right should not make the mistake of getting complacent. This is why House Republicans are taking measures to ensure these midterm elections are safe, secure, and without fraud.

Safeguarding the Integrity of US Elections
Across the country, House GOP members are sending out election observers to make sure close races are handled carefully and review any irregularities that might emerge.

On top of this, officials at the local and state levels are receiving documents that inform them of red flags to be mindful of.

Earlier this year, Joe Biden signed an executive order that mandates federal agencies to involve themselves in get-out-the-vote efforts.

The legality of Biden using the executive branch to interfere in elections is questionable at best. Many Republicans believe the president doesn’t have the purview to do this, yet is receiving cover from others in the federal government.

House Republicans, on the other hand, are committed to ensuring that all legal ballots are handled appropriately and legally counted. Because of the authority, the House of Representatives wields, GOP members also warn that voting sites will not be able to deny these observers access.

Efforts to Cheat Already in the Works?
As Republicans work to ensure these midterm elections are legal and secure, concerns from the public about voter fraud are already emerging.

Recently in Wisconsin, there was legal pushback against a court ruling that prohibited ballot spoiling. Ballot spoiling happens when someone already casts their vote, yet seeks a new ballot to change their vote.

This could potentially open the door to someone voting twice or even more times. While a Wisconsin appeals court upheld the ban against ballot spoiling, it raises questions about what could possibly come next.

Because of how close many of these midterm elections are expected to be, this could motivate certain people to try cheating under the assumption they are less likely to be caught.