House Republicans Preparing For Major Investigations

Within recent years, there has been a lot of corruption in America that largely remains unchecked. Much of this corruption either stems from or connects to both the Democrat Party and/or its power players.

Americans deserve to know the truth. Though so far, many of the most important facts and details remain under wraps. However, with Republicans looking very likely to take back the majority in the House of Representatives, lawmakers are already preparing to make changes.

One of these lawmakers is Rep. James Comer (R-KY). During a recent Fox News interview, Comer went on record about the investigations that House Republicans are gearing up for.

A Major Gamechanger
During his time on-air, Comer said once he becomes the House GOP Oversight Committee leader, he will launch an investigation into White House adviser Anthony Fauci, first son Hunter Biden, border security issues, and the management of COVID-19.

Each of these issues has left serious impacts in the lives of the American people. Yet, the current federal government — which is controlled by Democrats — does not want to address what is happening.

Comer told Fox News that the dirty dealings of the Biden administration behind the scenes pose risks to national security.

The House Republican likewise stressed that Fauci and other officials have not been truthful about COVID-19 or its origins. These are also critical details that Americans deserve to be fully informed of.

Later, Comer even revealed that whistleblowers within Border Patrol claim DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is directly stopping the enforcement of immigration laws. This, alone, goes against the rules which the executive branch is obligated to abide by.

Many Americans want Comer and other Republicans in the House to get to the bottom of these pressing issues.

One Rabbithole After the Next
Between behind-the-scenes business deals of the Biden family to the southern border and Fauci’s involvement in COVID-19, there is no telling how deep all of this goes.

However, the lack of transparency continues to cause problems and erode the general public’s trust in American leadership. Democrats have already been more than clear that they have no intention of digging into these issues. Therefore, the onus lies with Republicans.

Americans nationwide can prepare for a bumpy ride as Comer and other GOP lawmakers begin to drain the swamp.