‘How About A Math Party’ – Andrew Yang Is Starting His Own Third Party For NYC Mayor Race

Andrew Yang busted onto the scene in February 2019 as a candidate for the Democratic Party Presidential nominee when he was a guest on the wildly popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. It launched his rise to stardom and attracted Charlamagne tha God, Ben Shapiro, Bill Maher, and media outlets like the New York Times.

As the son of Taiwanese immigrants and raised in New York State, he is now running for mayor of New York City to replace the socialist Bill DeBlasio. Yang got his BS at Brown University JD at Columbia Law School, which explains why he is a Democrat. He used his education and connections to start businesses and non-profits to make money for himself and his investors.

But he has become disenchanted with the Democratic Party. Maybe he realized that there is no place for “the Asian man who likes math” in a party that has proposed nearly $10 trillion in underfunded spending. Most political consultants would not recommend using logic and math as the basis for a campaign. People tend to respond more to emotional appeals, malicious leaks, character assassination, and pandering. His campaign did not respond with comments about floating a third party.

Andrew Yang will abandon his role as an outsider in the party and instead start his party. It is the kind of innovative entrepreneurial thinking we need in American politics. As a New York City mayoral candidate, Andrew Yang believes that he has an opportunity to reshape the political landscape in this country. But he has not considered that all laws, polling stations, and internal levers of power are controlled by the mechanisms of the two major parties. Maybe those variables were not in his equations.

Yang has written what he hopes will be a run-away New York Times besting book called Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy. But his plans for a third party are not included in the book, which does not necessarily mean this is a knee-jerk reaction or poorly thought out. It could simply indicate that he wanted to surprise people with his fund-raising efforts.

We do not yet know what the name of Yang’s group will be. However, the smart money is on the Math Party rather than the Yang Gang. He may intend to build the new party apparatus in 2022 or 2024 or use the idea as a PR bump in 2021.

Crown, his publisher, gave a few signs Yang is looking to make an enormous impact than just winning a race. This impact would probably help him pay off his advance too.

Reliable sources that read the book’s advance copy, such as Mark Cuban and Kara Swisher, state that it incriminates America’s institutional failures and solves big problems. Yang paints an optimistic future of New York City as the center of the universe and America. If he is elected to combat the decline of the Big Apple, maybe he can fix everything in the nation and the world. He points out that legislators have motivations that are opposed to the citizens who elect them.