How The Legal Disputes Over Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandate May Play Out

Biden’s nationwide COVID vaccine mandate is quite literally taking a beating. Earlier this month, the Federal Appeals Court cited the mandate as an overbroad sledgehammer. When the Biden administration asked the court to reverse its stay on the mandate, the court said no deal and reaffirmed the current visit.

The White House didn’t see this coming. If this mandate is struck down for good, the surgeon general has already publicly spoken about its tragedy. In and of itself, it shows the Biden administration is nervous and believed they were in the clear.

Many Americans are eager to see this mandate tossed in the dumpster bin where it belongs. With that said, PJ Media has some unique insight into how this whole thing could potentially shake out.

More than 12 ongoing lawsuits are against the Biden administration’s sweeping vaccination mandate between business organizations, individual states, and various religious groups.

It is for this reason that a lottery will ultimately have the final say. It means that for every circuit court reviewing one of the lawsuits, and they’ll receive what is akin to a raffle ticket. Later, a Judicial Panel clerk will put the tickets of each court in a container and then sporadically choose one.

It will ultimately result in the circuit court, selected as the place where a joint lawsuit is held. Now, what Biden wants to happen is to force enough folks to take the COVID vaccine before a legal decision is even made on this mandate.

However, with the Federal Appeals Court slapping an injunction on the mandate and barring OSHA from acting any further on it until other court decisions are made, the president’s plan to run out the clock has hit a serious snag.

All in all, the United States Supreme Court could end up having the final say on the legality of Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate.

If the Biden administration can get away with the current mandate, they will not stop there. It will be used as merely a stepping stone for the federal government to force more medical procedures upon Americans.
It isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s something members of the Biden administration admitted themselves. Weeks ago, the White House chief of staff retweeted a post declaring the OSHA COVID vaccine mandate as a prerequisite for the federal government mandating additional vaccines with the threat of job loss for Americans who refuse.

These people know what they’re doing, and they need to be stopped.