Howard Dean Confident In Biden’s Leadership, Cites ‘Good Team’ Behind The Scenes

In a recent interview on NPR’s “Morning Edition,” former DNC Chair Howard Dean defended President Joe Biden’s capability to serve another term, comparing Biden to former President Ronald Reagan and asserting his confidence in Biden’s highly effective team and their accomplishments.

Dean praised Biden’s performance over the past four years, emphasizing his administration’s accomplishments. “Biden’s done a terrific job running the country for the last four years,” Dean said. He highlighted the importance of the team surrounding Biden, likening it to Reagan’s successful administration. “Joe Biden has a very good team around him who knows what they’re doing. They’ve done a great job running the country,” Dean added.

Dean noted significant achievements of the Biden administration, such as job creation and foreign policy improvements. He contrasted these successes with the previous administration’s challenges, stating, “They’ve created jobs in an unprecedented way, tried to redo the disaster that Trump has been on foreign policy.”

When asked if Biden can handle another four years, Dean was confident. “I don’t think Biden’s in any worse shape than Reagan was his last couple of years. In fact, I think he’s in quite a bit better shape,” he asserted. Dean emphasized the strength and stability provided by Biden’s team, which he believes will remain intact.

Co-host Michel Martin questioned whether voters could trust Biden for another term. Dean responded affirmatively, highlighting Biden’s intelligence and experience. “I think Biden is smart. I think he said it himself in North Carolina — he’s not as quick as he used to be, but he can still run the country a whole lot better than a convicted felon,” Dean stated.

Dean also mentioned the potential for Biden to participate in future debates, though he expressed some uncertainty about the need for such events. Despite this, Dean maintained that Biden’s achievements and the support of his capable team make him well-suited for continued leadership.