Howard Stern Links Kirstie Alley’s Cancer Death To Anti-Mandate Stance

At a time when most Americans are saddened by the death of actress Kirstie Alley, Howard Stern disrespectfully suggested her death might have a connection to her public stance on COVID-19 vaccine mandates, boosters and safety precautions.

The prolific actress, who many know best for her role in the popular hit television show “Cheers” passed away on December 5 at age 71. Her family has since revealed that her death came after a battle with colon cancer, which the American Cancer Society says is the second most lethal cancer.

Despite making it clear that colon cancer is the culprit in Alley’s death, Stern made it a point to blame her conservative leanings on Tuesday’s segment of The Howard Stern Show. Starting by conveying his sadness over her death, he quickly brought up the actress’s stance on COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Pointing to the “suddenness” of the disease, he seemed to connect her views on COVID vaccine mandates to her late diagnosis.

“I know she was an anti — she was not anti-vaccine, but she was anti-mandate. Maybe — this was a theory this morning because we were all discussing it; maybe she didn’t go to the doctor soon enough when she wasn’t feeling well?” he wondered.

To wrap up his theory, Stern admitted that his position was not based on facts and might have been completely made up. His co-host Robin Quivers pushed back on Stern, explaining that some cancers do not show symptoms for a long time. “Like, you can have it and not really understand that whatever is going on with you is a cancer thing instead of just, you know, normal tiredness,” Quivers explained.

The co-host, who had fought a battle with cancer in 2012, pointed out that she was not aware of the condition as she was “still functioning, running around” and following her usual routine.

Alley was a critic of COVID vaccine mandates, and she was publicly vocal about her idea of vaccines and boosters. In October 2021, she tweeted that she would not be getting the vaccine as it does not offer her – or anybody else – complete protection against the virus. She also made it clear that she would not be complying with mandates to get it.

The late actress has also expressed support for the use of drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, ivermectin and zinc sulfate in the treatment of COVID-19. In a tweet that shared her 97-year-old father’s experience when he got COVID in 2020, she explained that he conquered the disease after doctors gave him new treatments, including ivermectin.

“THOUSANDS of Drs use protocols such as ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulfate & azithromycin at first symptoms. Saving thousands,” she declared.