Huckabee Says Javier Milei Represents The Resurgence Of Anti-Globalism

According to former Gov. Mike Huckabee, the election of conservative leader Javier Milei as Argentina’s president-elect signals a growing recognition that “common sense needs to get a lot more common than it has been in government.”

Huckabee sees a trend of anti-globalist candidates returning to power in the United States after the upcoming election.

Huckabee said to Newsmax on Tuesday, “We have people who think that government spending is the way to prosperity. Wake Up America. It’s proven to be a disaster. You can’t have open borders. You can’t destroy your own culture, language, and everything about your country and somehow expect to survive and prosper. People are sick of it.”

Milei secured victory in the recent presidential runoff, clinching 56% of the vote and surpassing Peronist Economy Minister Sergio Massa, who garnered 44% of the vote. His inauguration is set for December 10, and he has committed to implementing measures such as closing the central bank, abandoning the peso, and implementing spending cuts.

Huckabee dismissed the media’s characterization of Milei as a far-right extremist, stating that such labeling is unfounded.

He said, “He’s not far-right or an extremist. He’s simply a person who believes in personal liberty, and he believes that government ought to be more limited than the Argentine government has been. That’s a government that has bankrupted the people of that wonderful country.”

In the meantime, Milei announced that former President Donald Trump plans to visit Buenos Aires for a meeting with him, a development that Huckabee believes could provide a boost for both individuals.

Huckabee said, “People across the globe, whether it’s in the Netherlands, in Argentina, or here in the United States, have decided that these policies of big government, ridiculous spending, the spending of money we don’t have, borrowing money we’ll never be able to pay back, it just isn’t working, and their lives are being impacted by it.”

He also expressed excitement, saying he is “thrilled to see this kind of alliance across the globe.”

Huckabee added, “I think with both Donald Trump and with Milei, it’s a great reminder that the press and the establishment and the deep state get it wrong over and over again, and they underestimate the power of the people.”