Hulu Has Turned Down a Show That Would Feature Hillary Clinton

Even after losing two presidential elections, Hillary Clinton has continued to make headlines for one reason or the next.

Within the past several months, Clinton’s gone on various tangents against the American public at large. Apparently, the twice-failed presidential candidate can’t understand why the country isn’t showing more gratefulness to Joe Biden and his work as president.

Despite baby formula shortages, inflation, rampant crime in major US cities, and more, Clinton has said she believes Biden is doing a great job as president. Although, polling has consistently shown that most Americans beg to differ.

As a major figure in American politics, there are various pieces of work dedicated to Clinton’s presence and impact on the country. Popular streaming service Hulu was recently offered to create a novel-turned-TV series known as “Rodham.”

However, this is an offer that Hulu rejected.

A No-Go For “Rodham” on Hulu
In a nutshell, the “Rodham” series focused on what Clinton’s life (and America) would have looked like if she hadn’t wed former President Bill Clinton or lost the 2016 presidential election.

The TV series also follows a parallel universe where the 9/11 attacks never happened and where John McCain actually served as president from 2000 to 2008.

However, Hulu determined this series was not a good fit for its platform.

In light of this, 20th Century Television is on the lookout for other platforms that might be willing to pick it up. Netflix, HBOMax, PeacockTV, and Apple TV are just a few streaming services that could end up taking on the series.

More of Clinton to Come?
Some people have speculated online that Hulu’s rejection of “Rodham” boils down to the overall unpopularity of Clinton as a political figure. Unfortunately, though, this may not be the last time Americans see or hear about her.

With Biden’s presidency panning out so poorly, there are reports that many Democrats feel he’s unequipped to run for a second term. That’s in spite of the president making it clear he has every intent of running for re-election.

As certain parts of the Democrat Party sour on Biden, reports indicate that Hillary Clinton could be the candidate brought forward to primary him ahead of the 2024 general election.

Clinton, for her part, claims she has no intention of running for the White House again. However, that remains to be seen. In the time that Clinton’s been present in US politics, she hasn’t earned a reputation for her honesty.