Hundreds Found in Kyiv

According to media sources, war crimes have been discovered in Ukraine allegedly committed by Russian soldiers.

Officials in the liberated town of Bucha found horrific evidence of hundreds of deaths. Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk reports more than 300 residents were killed by the mostly Chechnyan troops who occupied the city, with as many as 280 in one grave. The bodies of civilians — civilians in Ukraine are famously taking up arms against Russian soldiers — are scattered along roadways in the war-torn country.

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Iryna Vendyktova said it will take more time to detail what actually happened.

Russia’s Defense Ministry responded Sunday with claims that the photos and videos from Bucha are staged and a “provocation.” Moscow denies that a single resident suffered violence from Russian troops and says it delivered 452 tons of humanitarian aid to residents near Kyiv.

Western journalists confirm Ukrainian accounts of victims. Residents report being required by Russian troops to wear white armbands for identification.

Officials in Bucha have thus far recorded approximately 50 deaths that they label as “executions.” Residents gave detailed accounts to officials of Russian actions in the area, which saw some of the bloodiest combat as defensive forces kept the invaders from advancing on the capital.

Notably, Russia’s well-equipped military has not been using its massive arsenal of technologically advanced bombs and missile delivery systems against civilians. But, days after the Russian retreat from the city, the alleged crimes of Russian soldiers were discovered. This makes the alleged crimes even more shocking.

Orlov said the bodies that can be identified are being buried with documents, in hopes of reburial later.

As the fog of war continues, we continue to rely on the mainstream media, the State Department and international bodies for information as it continues to filter through to U.S. citizens. What we can be certain of at this time is that a terrible tragedy has occurred, and many have died.