Hunter Biden’s Laptop Exposed International Communist Influence Campaigns

One of the main revelations made during the ongoing Hunter Biden Laptop scandal is that of foreign communist influence campaigns in the US.

Data from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop have raised many questions about President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s international business. It also brought to light the attempt of foreign governments, such as the Chinese Communist Party, to influence individuals, intellectuals and politics in the US.

The most prominent agency carrying out Chinese influence campaigns is the United Front Work Department (UFWD) which was established in China by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the 1930s era. The UFWD worked to influence intellectuals, writers, businessmen, and politicians who were not communists. They did this to influence public opinion in favor of China and promote the party’s agenda.

When Xi Jinping became president of China, he made Ms. Sun Chunlun the leading figure of the UFWD. Since then, the UFWD has been involved in many government agencies inside and outside China.

The main goal of the Chinese influence campaigns is to reduce dissent against the CCP and promote a better, friendlier image of China to the West.

Under a method known as ‘influencing the influencers,’ the UFWD established Confucius Institutes and controlled Chinese Student Associations in western universities. They primarily influence high-profile people like politicians, businessmen, and prominent intellectuals to recruit them as “allies of China”.

The UFWD cultivates these “allies of China,” so they may influence policy opinions in their home countries and minimize any harm to China through their friendlier foreign policies.

Isaac Stone Fish, author of “America Second” noted that one of these prominent friends of China was Henry Kissinger. Kissinger also got to meet with top Chinese officials during his every visit to China.

Similarly, Chinese companies also add to the influence campaign by investing in the businesses of family members of prominent political leaders. They also have a great influence over Wall Street and invest in businesses in exchange for support of the CCP. This influence peddling is mutually beneficial to both parties as China uses Wall Street firms for lobbying, and these firms channel money to China.

If the US is to address this issue, it is believed it will have to enforce the Foreign Agents Registration act, but it is unknown if the Biden administration will be willing to do so.