Idaho Implements Pro-Life Legislation

Idaho has passed a bill that allows individuals to file lawsuits against doctors and medical specialists who terminate pregnancies older than six weeks, when an unborn child first develops a pulse.

Recently, the Fetal Heartbeat Preborn Child Protection Act, or Senate Bill 1309, was made law by Republican Gov. Brad Little.

According to the law, if the lawsuit produces a favorable outcome, close relatives of the aborted child could be eligible to receive damages as high as $20,000.

Director of Idaho Family Policy Center Blaine Conzatti showed his support for the legislation and declared that the fight against bad policies will persist until the life of every unborn child is protected by the law.

The passage of this bill in Idaho is a major victory for the pro-life movement across the entire nation. With more and more of these victories in the courts racking up, the national movement toward pro-life public policy has generated an enormous amount of momentum. It is clear that the victories of the movement are being generated by something much greater than the boots on the ground, which are marching for changes in brutal and un-American laws created by the imaginations of a liberal court of the past.