IDF Downs Cruise Missile Heading To Northern Israel From The East

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed on Thursday afternoon that a “cruise missile coming from the east” had been shot down over the Golan Heights earlier in the day. Initial reports indicated that the missile had been launched from Iraq, although there were no immediate claims of responsibility.

The Iran-backed Islamic Resistance in Iraq has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks since October 7. Most recently, they claimed responsibility for two suicide drones intercepted on their way to Eilat late Monday night. The escalating dangers have increased tensions in the area putting defense systems on high alert. Along with the missile originating from Iraq the IDF disclosed that the Iron Dome aerial defense system intercepted a ” airborne target” entering Israeli airspace from Lebanon setting off alarms in the Margaliot region.

This incident adds to the growing list of threats faced by Israel along its border. Fortunately no injuries or damage were reported in either incident. The quick response and successful interception by Israels defense systems prevented any casualties or property loss highlighting the effectiveness of the Iron Dome and other defensive tactics.

Although there was no claim of responsibility for the missile launch, from Iraq previous attacks originating from that area have often been attributed to Iran backed militias. These groups have been known to target territories as part of the broader conflict involving Israel and Hamas.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, affiliated with the Popular Mobilization Forces, has been particularly active. This coalition of former paramilitary forces, now integrated into Iraq’s regular armed forces, has claimed dozens of drone attacks on Israel amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Although many of their claims are exaggerated, they did manage to hit an Israeli Navy base in Eilat in one instance, causing damage.

Israel is dealing with security risks from different areas like Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Syria. Groups supported by Iran in these regions are persistently attacking Israel with drones and missiles adding to the conflict and uncertainty, in the region.

Hezbollah in Lebanon has been attacking communities and IDF positions in northern Israel almost daily, citing support for Gazans amid Israel’s war against Hamas.