If Reuters’ Report On Haitian Migrants Is Accurate, It’s Time For Another Kamala Harris Video

According to Reuters, thousands of migrants, mainly from Haiti, are making their way to the United States and thus are currently in the southeastern corner, Panama. Furthermore, according to two official Panamanian government sources, a total of 4,000 migrants, the majority of whom are Haitians, are believed to have crossed through the dangerous jungles of the Darien Gap in Panama near the Colombian border on their journey north to the United States of America. 

And, as Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas stated on Fox News Sunday today, one of the reasons they are coming is to be released once they arrive in the United States. Fox News interviewed Sec. Mayorkas. According to Sunday’s estimates, the United States has welcomed between 10,000 to 12,000 illegal immigrants due to the Del Rio disaster, with the number expected to rise.

Sec. Mayorkas would not disclose whether or not those Customs and border protection agents on horseback broke any protocols while the “whipping” smear probe was ongoing. Still, his boss, President Biden, has already informed the country that those officers will be held accountable. 

Previously, during the Texas border crisis, Kamala Harris emphasized that she wanted to be explicit with those in this region considering making the perilous voyage to the US-Mexico border. She pleaded with them not to come. However, the public is now anticipating another “do not come” video from Vice President Kamala Harris.