Ilhan Omar Calls Out Cartoonist For ‘Harmful’ Depiction Of Muslim Women In Cartoon About Texas Heartbeat Law

After a recent verdict by the Supreme Court, a cartoonist made a religiously offensive and derogatory depiction of the ruling. People have criticized the cartoonist over social media. Moreover, the US Representative for Minnesota has also called out the cartoonist, calling it disrespectful towards Muslim women.

The Supreme Court recently gave a verdict according to which abortion is declared illegal after completing six weeks of pregnancy. The pro-lifers and pro-aborts have been under debate for too long, but the depiction by cartoonist Mike Luckovich has both sides criticizing him. The report was strongly called out by Ilhan, calling it harmful and that people need to stop using Muslim women as tropes in their social commentary. Many people have come forward on Twitter, agreeing with Ilhan and saying that the art is not funny or clever and the artist should be ashamed of himself.

Many people are calling the art shameful and disgusting. Even those that have struggled to agree with Ilhan in the past have now found common ground. They are defending her tweet by reminding the cartoonist that bringing religion into social commentary is in no way acceptable and should never be used as a tool to mock anyone.

For years, Ilhan has faced opposition for her solid and bold remarks and has also faced discrimination at her position, but this cartoonist’s depiction has people siding with Ilhan. People from Texas are showing positive comments and support towards her. Perhaps her stance over the cartoon depiction has people finally developing a soft for Ilhan.