Illegal Alien Soccer Coach Allegedly Recorded Himself Attacking Minors

In a horrific story out of Tennessee in which the scope of the tragedy is still being uncovered, a youth soccer coach allegedly drugged and forced himself on numerous young boys. It was also discovered that he is an illegal alien.

Authorities with the Franklin Police Department called the case involving Camilo Hurtado Campos, 63, “shocking” and “egregious.”

The suspect was arrested on several felony charges after he forgot his cellphone in a local pizza restaurant. Workers entered the phone to try to get his contact information to return it to him.

It was then they made a terrible discovery. They found videos of dozens of unconscious children being attacked, and investigators later determined the boys ranged in age from nine to 17.

Campos was arrested the following day when he returned to get his phone. An alert employee was able to take a picture of his license plate, leading to his capture.

Detectives said they found hundreds of pictures and videos on Campos’ phone where he allegedly recorded himself attacking victims.

According to WSMV-TV, Campos’ residence was between two schools and across the street from a soccer field. He is said to be a popular youth soccer coach who interacted with numerous children.

Three victims were initially identified, and five more have since come forward due to the publicity of the case.

In a disturbing revelation, authorities said some of the victims were in such a state of unconsciousness that they may not realize they were attacked.

Investigators revealed that Campos would regularly recruit young children to play on his soccer team. He allegedly would gain their trust and then invite them to his home where he is accused of drugging and attacking them.

When it was discovered that Campos is an illegal alien who may have resided in the country for decades, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) quickly called for enhancing border security.

She declared it an “outrageous tragedy” and more proof that the border wall needs to be continued. Blackburn tweeted, “Until our border is secured, every town is a border town, and criminals will continue to have free [rein] throughout the nation.”

Campos is being held in the Williamson County Criminal Justice Center on a $525,000 bond. Authorities said more charges are likely to be filed.