Illegal Immigrants Radicalize Politics

The Democrat Party’s plan to fundamentally change America’s demographics is working.
Progressives believe their open broader policies will eventually create an unbeatable coalition of new voters, according to The Federalist.

Unless there is a massive deportation of illegal immigrants, progressives are well on their way to creating a totalitarian one-party rule. This would spell the end of the American Republic.

The Biden administration has allowed record numbers of illegal immigrants to enter the country. Research conducted at MIT and Yale in 2018 held that an accurate population estimate of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. was 22.1 million.

Today that estimate would be in the range of 30-plus million, according to The Federalist.
If a 51st state was created to house all of the illegal aliens in the U.S., its population would be the second largest in the country. Only California would have more people, according to The Federalist.

The hypothetical 51st state would boast a population equal to about 77% of the population of Canada.

Progressives like to emphasize the fact that illegal immigrants can’t vote. Because of this, they accuse anyone who confronts them with immigration facts of pushing a racist conspiracy theory.

The “conspiracy theory” accusation is a smokescreen designed to obscure facts. Democrats have routinely tried to pass some type of amnesty that would eventually allow illegal aliens to vote. There’s no reason to think they will not keep trying to do so.

Progressives are patient. They know that children of illegal aliens born in the U.S. can legally vote when they turn 18.

In 2020, Joe Biden carried Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona by a total of about 45,000 votes, according to The Federalist. This means a presidential election could be won by the candidate garnering a mere 0.15% of the illegal immigrant population voting in swing states.

Some argue that since most illegal immigrants are Hispanic, Republicans can win them because they share the same core conservative cultural values.

There may be some truth to this but for it to work assimilation of immigrants would have to take place on a massive scale.

The problem is that American institutions are no longer imparting American values. Instead, they push diversity and multiculturalism. Advocates of “anti-racism” such as Ibram X. Kendi go so far as to label conservatives as White supremacists.

In short, American institutions aren’t even trying to impart American values to their own citizens. Why would they assimilate hordes of illegal immigrants?

In other words, the open borders policies of the Democratic Party are going exactly according to plan.

Progressives welcome any short-term backlash for their open borders policies. They’re playing the long game. And they’re winning.

Time is running out for the American Republic.