Illegal Immigrants Will Be Allowed To Vote In Washington DC

For quite some time, Democrats have been chipping away at commonsense election security measures.

Voter ID, for instance, is regularly branded as racist and discriminatory by Democrats. Although the left didn’t have any issue with mandatory vaccine passports in order for people to participate in society.

Democrats have also attacked measures that require people who want to vote absentee to formally request these ballots, rather than counties just mailing them out unsolicited.

Republicans have long warned that Democrats who oppose basic election security rules want to completely erode election integrity altogether. Washington DC Democrats recently just proved Republicans right on this point.

Voting Rights For Illegal Immigrants?
Democrats on Washington DC’s city council overwhelmingly voted in favor of letting nationals from other countries cast ballots in city elections. Only one member of the 13-person council voted against this measure.

With this decision, the DC city council permitted elections for mayor and school boards to involve votes from illegal immigrants. This isn’t the first time this has happened either. Other communities, such as New York City, have moved to grant foreign nationals voting rights in city elections.

Of course, the DC city council has put out an explanation for this vote. The council maintains that because migrants “of all statuses” play a role in the community, they deserve to be able to cast ballots in political races.

Since this decision, the DC city council is preparing to send the measure to Mayor Muriel Bowser (D), who is widely expected to approve it.

The Irony
Washington DC’s move to give illegal immigrants voting rights in city-level elections comes amid the state complaints about receiving illegal immigrants from border states.

Recently, Bowser declared a state of emergency over the migrants arriving in her community. The DC mayor, in spite of previously claiming her community is a sanctuary city, also lashed out against Republican governors sending migrants over to DC.

If and when Bowser approves the DC city council’s measure to grant non-US nationals voting rights, Americans can expect other localities to follow suit. Eventually, there may very well be a push for illegal immigrants to have voting rights in state-wide and federal elections.