Illegal TikTok Influencer Raises Funds For Alleged NYC Shooter

An illegal alien who doubles as a TikTok influencer called for all Venezuelans to rally in support of a teenager who shot a Brazilian tourist in Times Square and fired at police.

Leonel Moreno, who should not be in the U.S. at all, called for his countrymen to fork over cash to bail Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa, 15, out of jail. He was being busted for shoplifting in Times Square when he allegedly and recklessly opened fire on police and actual shoppers.

A Brazilian woman visiting New York City was wounded in the leg, and police said Rivas-Figueroa twice fired on them as he was being pursued from the scene.

Amazingly, the teen is being held without bail on attempted murder charges. Amazing in that such action is rare for New York’s notoriously lax prosecutors.

The lack of bail did not deter fellow illegal Moreno from encouraging his almost 300,000 followers to raise money to spring Rivas-Figueroa loose.

A TikTok video expressed his desire for his countryman to be free again.

Moreno declared, “I invite you to look for [his] mother and all of us join to pay the bail, so that this young Venezuelan feels that you’re not alone in difficult times, but remembers that there is a God up there who sees.”

The TikTok influencer acknowledged that the suspect did something wrong. But he hedged by saying, “Today it could be him, tomorrow it could be you…You don’t know when God is going to put you in a situation like the one this young man is in.”

The TikTok video has been seen two millions times.

In the 90-second Spanish language clip, Moreno called on supporters to “unite forces so this child is free and has an opportunity.”

Even in New York City, it is highly unlikely this “child” will be free anytime soon.

The illegal Moreno told his followers that in the U.S. everything is free if you know where to find it. He said he collected $275 in three hours of asking for money at a traffic light.

He has been in the country since September.

Staten Island Councilman Joseph Borelli (R) dryly noted after viewing Moreno’s videos, “This is exactly the type of attitude that is really helping the migrants win the hearts and minds of New Yorkers to their cause.”