Improper Relationship Reported Between Georgia DA and Trump Prosecutor

According to a Fulton County Court Filing, there has been an alleged “improper” relationship between Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis and a top Trump prosecutor for former President Donald Trump’s election interference case.

Willis hired Nathan Wade, her romantic partner, to prosecute Trump. She received financial benefits from the romantic relationship, which included vacations by using the funds from Wade’s law firm he received from the case, according to court filings.

According to Fulton County records, Wade paid an astonishing $650,000 in court fees since the beginning of 2022, which Willis authorized. The motion cites “sources close to both the special prosecutor and the district attorney,” confirming “they had an ongoing, personal relationship.”

Also stated in the file is the request for Willis and Wade to be disqualified from prosecuting former President Donald Trump’s case.

As of today, Wade and Willis haven’t addressed these allegations of their improper relationship, which emerged late Monday. This was only a few short hours after Trump’s attorneys filed a motion to have his charges dismissed on presidential immunity grounds.

“Has everybody seen the revelation, just announced in the Great State of Georgia, that the Fulton County D.A., Fani Willis, who Criminally Indicted your Favorite President, ME(!), & many other Innocent People/Patriots, HIRED & EXORBITANTLY PAID a “Romantic Partner” to Prosecute the 45th President of the United States of America, & then ‘financially benefited from their relationship?’” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social.

“In other words, he was paid a ‘fortune,’ & then took ‘Beautiful’ Fani on expensive, but all paid for by Georgia, vacations to faraway lands,” he added.

On Monday, Rudy Giuliani asked McAfee if his lawyers could interview Scott Hall, Jenna Ellis, Sindey Powell, and Kenneth Chesebro, who’ve already made a plea deal with prosecutors.

The DA’s improper romantic relationship provides more ammo for Trump, who continues with his 2024 campaign.

“They say there’s a young woman, a young racist in Atlanta, and they say, I guess they say, that she was after a certain gang, and she ended up having an affair with the head of the gang or a gang member,” Trump mentioned at an August 8 rally in New Hampshire.

Former President Donald Trump’s Georgia is expected to begin in August unless, however, there are unexpected delays.